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Radiation Measurement Group

Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences Department, University of Michigan

The Orion research group focuses on developing advanced radiation sensors based on room-temperature semiconductor detectors. Our goal is to develop gamma-ray imaging spectrometers that can replace HPGe systems. These detector systems are critical for applications in nuclear non-proliferation and arms control, homeland security, medical imaging for nuclear medicine and cancer diagnosis and nuclear physics for studying nuclear structures and testing fundamental theories.

The central theme of our technologies is single-polarity charge sensing and position sensing. The 3-dimensional position-sensing, depth-sensing and radial-sensing technologies pioneered and implemented by our group have enabled breakthrough performance on energy resolution, real-time imaging capability, and the room-temperature operation of semiconductor gamma-ray spectrometers.

You are welcome to learn about our projects and get to know the people working in this group. You can also get to know the people who graduated from this group and where they are.

Zhong He

2355 Bonisteel Boulevard

Ann Arbor, MI, 48109-2104

Phone: (734)-764-7130

Fax: (734)-763-4540



H3D, Inc.

A spin-off company using Orion technology

3250 Plymouth Rd Suite 203 
Ann Arbor, MI 48105 

Phone: (734)661 6416